An AV company may just be exactly what you need to make your product launch the industry event of the year! Sound and light equipment and expertise greatly influence the way in which a venue and stage is perceived. Manipulating audio and visual stimuli gives you a definite advantage and an exceptional level of control over the experience had by your guests.

Notable Audio Visual Solutions For Brand Activations & Product Launches

  • Lighting – Event and stage lighting in Cape Town and Johannesburg is a massive industry and with good reason. Lighting equipment and effects create the desired mood more effectively than anything else. When launching your product, analyse the venue and think about the atmosphere that you would like to create. Try and make sure that this reflects the core values of your brand. Consult with your AV company to find out what their previous experience has been as far as lighting and product launches are concerned.


  • Sound Equipment – Sound hire can be immensely intimidating if you aren’t familiar with audio equipment and jargon. The right audio visual events company will help guide you through this process. Have a clear brief about what sound requirements you need met. For example, will you have any demonstrations happening, would you like voice-over introductions for each presenter during the product launch and will you be having any live musicians at the event.


  • Screens – Having screens strategically placed throughout your venue will help you ensure consistent branding and communicate more information about the product being launched. You could run a loop of video via these screens or you can transmit live video feed from the main presentation area. Some event managers also use these screens for streaming live social media coverage and then encourage attendees to participate using a specific hashtag. Some AV companies also provide touch screen and virtual reality stations to really level up and provide guests with an interactive way of exploring your new product or brand.


  • Stage Rental – There are usually a few different setups available to choose from when it comes to mobile stage rental. These stages can be larger than life or classy and intimate depending on your event needs. They are excellent for product demonstrations, presentations and provide a perfect platform for live bands or djs.

Chat to your chosen audio visual company in Johannesburg or Cape Town to find out exactly what the possibilities are for your product launch.