Sound and light equipment and expertise are indispensible when it comes to planning a successful private event. Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration or graduation party, the audio and lighting will allow you to create an atmosphere and energy otherwise impossible. When booking with an AV company in Cape Town or Johannesburg, there are 3 important questions that must be asked.

Does the AV Company have insurance?

This is something that most people do not think to ask until something unfortunate happens. While it seems unimaginable than an AV company would not have insurance, it is better to ask about it upfront. That way, should damage or injury be caused due to a careless setup or faulty equipment, you would not be personally liable for the costs incurred as a result. The venue you’ve hired for the event might insist that audio visual suppliers have insurance so make sure to check your contract with them.

Will there an audio visual technician on-site for the event?

Many times the quote issued for a private event only includes the lighting and sound equipment rental, setup and collection after the event. As any event manager would know, having an AV technician on-site for the event, irrespective of the size, is extremely valuable. This is because sometimes there are unforeseen faults or issues with sound or light and an on-site tech familiar with the equipment would be able to sort these problems out quickly and ensure that everything runs according to plan.

Exactly how much time with they need to setup the sound and lighting gear?

If you are hiring a venue for your private event then a timeframe is crucial as you’d be billed for running later than your agreement with the venue states. This means that your sound and lights need to be setup in time for your event to start timeously and clearing up after the event shouldn’t take longer than your allotted time slot with the venue. You should also find out whether the AV company needs assistance with setup and packing up or if they will have enough labour on hand to do so independently.

These simple questions should help you find the best audio and visual professionals Johannesburg and Cape Town has to offer and ensure that the planning of as well as the event itself is as stress-free as possible.