Sight and Sound accommodating 10 000 plus


The Event Story

At an event held on a sunny winter Sunday in Johannesburg in August, Sight and Sound showed that we could up the ante with doing shows for more than 10 000 pax in an open area.

Using the perfect amount of technical gear in a very difficult configuration for speeches a live band and video.

The response was overwhelming.

This showed that Sight and Sound is capable of bringing you power.full experiences on a huge scale.


Services supplied


Stage on trailer with hydraulic roof lift ideal for fast setups and saves on labour costs


2x 4x3Metre LED video walls raised 5m on truss structures


3x stacks of JBL VT4888DP line array loudspeaker 8 per stack plus 4x VT4882DP subwoofers and 2x VT4886 for front fill.

Mixed on Soundcraft digital desk

Shure UR radio mics for vocals

Shure SM57 for speech

AKG C1000 for choir

Power supplied by 50KVA generator