Dear Shiela

On Thursday 04/06/2015, we were met with Vincent to arrange a Karate Tournament, which took place on 5th and the 6th June 2015.

As we advised Vincent we were in dire straits and needed the equipment to be set up that same day, Vincent arranged the quote within minutes, and set up took place that Thursday evening.

On Friday morning we had a fabulous Technician that assisted all the time.  His name was Tino, that worked for your company.

He bent over backwards to try and assist us.  He did not leave the premises until all the sound was working 100% and he was fabulous!!!

When we needed a technician  he was at the venue within minutes.

This is just a letter to thank Tino and Vincent on behalf of SA JKA Karate for his fabulous effort and ensuring all our needs were met.



Les Stevens

SA JKA Karate