Have you heard of SpaceX (www.spacex.com)? They compete with the mighty NASA for space programs. NASA’s approach is to have different people from different departments executing the briefs. For example, the designer and the manufacturer meet separately and then pass it onto the next department. This is often time consuming and due to the reliant on many resources becomes expensive. SpaceX feels differently. They have the engineers, manufacturers, designers, marketers and finance all in the same room working on the same project together. The result is quicker turnarounds and cheaper rockets. Around 1/5th of what NASA charges! The innovation that comes out of SpaceX is incredible. So to put this into perspective: It used to cost between $100 to $250 million to send one spaceship to space. SpaceX have managed to take that cost down to $50 million and they are just getting started. Our SA brother is out-performing one of the smartest organisations on earth by simply changing his approach. Sight & Sound has taken a page out of SpaceX’s book by investing in an entire eventing teaminhouse, various departments working together for a single successful event.  This means quicker turnaround times and cheaper events. This brings out better innovation and exciting ideas to enhance your next event. Year End Crazyness is almost upon us, and alot of people have already started their planning. I am hearing a few pain points coming across lately. Do any of these apply to you?

  • We want the Power but don’t have the budget
  • Bored of the same set up
  • Want the latest Technical Gear
  • Nervous about being let down by suppliers, would rather not make the change

We have a cost effective, inspiring, innovative PowerSet, staging solution This is conceived, designed, manufactured, built on site and branded, all by us at Sight & Sound. The PowerSet has everything you require. Which includes (but not limited to) Stage and Set, Screens, Projectors, Sound, Lighting, Lectern, Branding, Transport and Technical staff all for less than R50 000-00*

These are a few examples of work created, designed, manufactured and completed by our interdisciplinary team in the past month

Discovery 2.jpg sorbet 2.jpg

Drawings of Designs we have done for up coming shows using the PowerSet

Powerset AG 3.jpg Powerset AG 2.jpg

Black PowerSet used for Allan Gray

sm.jpg m powerset 9.jpg

PowerSet used for a conference in a Theater

Nucleus Software 5 sm.jpg powerset 5.jpg

Other variations of the PowerSet To book a free Ideation session to design your next show using the PowerSet or any othercreative solutions please complete this form by clicking here and one of our inspiring team members will call you straight away.

I look forward to taking off with you soon

All the very best

David Jacks

Sales and Marketing Director


*depending on the amount of screens, the venue or customised elements, this price may vary.

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