Panasonic Air Conditioning South Africa Launch - Display Stands

Panasonic are relaunching their high class air conditioners back into South Africa.

In order to do this they required display stands to be built with all the different available units to be viewed and interacted with by their dealers, at an exclusive launch held in Sandton in February 2016.

Sight and Sound were commissioned to design, manufacture, setup and display the stands for the evening.
The challenges were to be able to display 22 air con units on 6 different stands with all different weights and specifications, coming from Japan we needed these to be completed within 3 weeks and they had to communicate Panasonic’s high standards for excellence.

Pics from the design and build up of the stands

The set up for the evening was held on the 20th floor or a building in Sandton.

Each unit weighed between 50 – 100 Kg’s, this needed to be disassembled, wrapped, transported, reassembled, displayed and finished off perfectly within 12 hours of the show.

Pics from the set up of the stands

Each unit was finished with LED lighting strips and Panasonic branding.

The brief was executed above expectations and we hoping this massive launch will be the catalyst to Panasonic being very successful in South Africa.

Pics of the finished units at the show

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