Gala Dinner: P.R. China 65th Anniversary Celebrations


The Event Story

The People’s Republic of China have been in existence for 65 years and they had a massive gala dinner of 1500 for the occasion at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg in September.

The major challenge was understanding an international clients brief using translators and making sure we delivered an inspiring power.full experience. This was achieved and the client was very impressed.

Using loads of lighting and custom made stage for bands, speeches, an acrobat show and a comedy show we made the client feel great and the show was a resounding success.


Services supplied


Technical ~ Stage Decks, 4 x 12×9 screens suspended using truss, 4 x Christie Projectors, a digital sound desk, 8 x line array top and 4 line array subs and 2 monitors, 5 x countryman mics and 6 handheld mics. 2 x videographers

Lighting ~ 12 large wash moving heads and 16 large moving head spots, 6 large scanners, 6 led batons and a hazer

Technicians ~10 technicians used