Feel Good Story of the Month – Jeremy

Part of our industry and our job is to hire freelancers from time to time, these guys and gals come into our company and assist with manufacturing, stage hands or running shows. They are highly technical people and prefer the life of freedom to enjoy moving on their own terms.
One of these fantastic people is Russel. Russel comes in every month for a day or two to assist with our manufacturing division. Not only is he a very talented carpenter, he understands our business very well providing us with great service.
In April, he was involved in a shocking vehicle accident and was hospitalised, with his life hanging in the balance; and thank you G-d he survived! However, it left him unable to move around till he gets stronger.
This is where Jeremy Cullen comes in to the mix. We hired Jeremy in April as a technician, and while this is is his forte, it seems he is even better at being a compassionate human being.
Jeremy was inspired to help Russel despite having known Russel for only a few days. Jeremy set out on a fund raising frenzy, raising the funds to purchase a wheelchair for Russel! But this was not good enough for Jeremy, he went to Russel’s house and set him up in the chair making sure he was happy and comfortable.This with no prompt or command – this was all him.
Jeremy is the kind of person Sight and Sound attracts. He has taken our core value of “Trust – I have your back” and lived it out, providing an example to all of us. Well done to Jeremy, we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.


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May 4, 2016