In my capacity as events coordinator for the Exclusive Books group I regularly use Sight and Sound for a number of events every month, ranging from small, recurring book club coffee mornings and author’s breakfasts to book launches and high profile media events.

No matter the size of the event or the varying technical requirements, Sight and Sound always delivers on time and provides us with great service both in terms of admin and securing bookings (often with very short lead times) to delivering the equipment on the day and making sure things run smoothly at our events. We have been faithful clients of theirs for several years and we value the excellent working relationship we have with this company.

They have not missed a single booking in the entire time I’ve been using them, and when problems arise as is bound to happen from time to time, they hasten to find a solution and the management team is on hand to assist, even after hours as is often the case with our busy events schedule.

I would recommend Sight and Sound to any other company who would like to have the sound side of things be the least of their problems.

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Exclusive Books