Top 3 Event Trends for 2015

After a hard look at our events in the past year 3 major trends burst out at me. I would like to present them to you and see if you agree.

Trend 1 – Social Media

As you can understand social media has exploded and at every opportunity one gets there is a new picture or post flashing around.
Live tweeting at events is not only enjoyable but so important to the organisers to immediately know what their crowd is feeling. It is a great way to make notes on important things being said and an opportunity to network.
I was at an event last year where we were encouraged to tweet and within minutes I was able to meet with like minded individuals in the room I would have not known felt the same way or were even there.
Selfies and posting pics at live shows, conferences and company retreats are a fantastic way of sharing the ‘other’ side of your company. One company I follow in Jozi only show fun get-together’s at their company which help attract staff.
Using social media is also being used by a lot of advertisers to get the word out about upcoming events. As you know!

Trend 2 – Content

Now that you have a room full of eager participants to your event what are you showing them?
We found that the best, most remembered and talked about events were the ones that integrated bespoke video projection and 3D mapping into their events, blasted onto a massive screen or even intimate settings. Using all elements of the companies corporate identity to visually create an experience for their participants. …
If that is too rich for your diet then other content ideas we found were in the caliber of speakers found for the event.
Lastly we noticed a surge in offline events and retreats where companies get together and spend time without the distractions of the city, using team building companies to facilitate activities that get your body moving.

Trend 3 – Apps

At every event we attended last year we were introduced to a whole stack of new apps for events.
Apps that facilitated invites, registrations to at the event engagement and live tweeting to after the event with feedback and surveys, newsletter sign ups. Apps that integrate with your website. Apps that monitored ROI per event to apps that invited you to the next event.
It is amazing to note that we live in the world where apps make a huge difference to our lives.

After all is said it is interesting to me that although the huge growth in social media, apps and technology, people are still desperate to get face-to-face with each other. Loads of brands are now spending money on conferences for their staff and clients rather than traditional advertising, if you require any help with this please let me know and we can help you structure an event with you. Click here and I will get hold of you.

If you don’t agree with anything I have written please let me know. I would love the opportunity to hear your top 3 trends for the year.

Thanks so much for reading and have the best year yet.

David Jacks

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