When planning a conference or event, audio visual solutions are one of the most important aspects you need to consider. Sound and light trigger senses, elevate the event and create an energy and atmosphere that will make it an unforgettable experience for your guests. By partnering with an experienced and professional AV company, you’re investing in the success of your event by giving it the best chance possible to achieve its outcome.


How An AV Company Creates Memorable Events

  • Lighting for atmosphere – Most venues and conference rooms are much like a blank canvas. Audio visual professionals have the knowledge and lighting equipment needed to transform that blank canvas into a work of art, creating the right atmosphere you need to make a lasting impact on your guests. Stage lighting design in Johannesburg and Cape Town is particularly important because large cities are a lot more accustomed to world-class productions.
  • Creating excitement with sound – A professional AV company will be able to direct you when it comes to using the available sound equipment to its maximum potential. Using voice-overs, sound bites and music for audio stings when different presenters take the stage can add a new dimension to a conference – giving it that polished and professional edge.
  • Stay on schedule – Many audio visual events companies have confidence monitors that can be used to help events run on schedule. These monitors are only visible to the presenter, act as a teleprompter and can tell them exactly how much time they have left. This helps the event manager keep a tight hold on the program for the event and allows presenters to focus on presentation instead of content and logistics.
  • Screens for visual impact – When hiring an audio visual company in Johannesburg or Cape Town, chat to them about what the possibilities are when it comes to setting up screens for your event. Most events such as conferences, trade shows, road shows, product launches and even private events can benefit from the use of screens. For example, these screens can be used to add a level of interactivity to the event by showing a live feed of engagement via a particular social media platform.

In the end, when it comes to making an impression, sound and light expertise provided by audio visual professionals is an indispensable tool available to those willing to think creatively and invest in their event.