How A Good AV Company Can Be Your Secret Weapon As An Event Coordinator

Audio visual events are known to leave a much greater impact on guests thanks to the level of control event managers have over the atmosphere and energy of the event. A good AV company in Johannesburg will be able to provide you with insight and expertise that will help you both on the day of the event and during the all-important planning phase.

Benefits Of Partnering With Audio Visual Professionals:

More accurate planning & budgeting – An experienced AV company will be able to accurately quote the time and budget required for the brief you’ve provided them with. As the event coordinator, you would not need micromanage things like mobile stage rental, sound system hire or AV staffing on the day of the event. With the AV professional’s input, you’d be able to focus on other core functions and confidently plan and budget for the event.

Sound equipment that takes the event to the next level – Irrespective of whether you are planning a private birthday, gala dinner or conference event in Cape Town or Johannesburg, the sound equipment and how you choose to use it can be the difference between mediocre and unforgettable. People’s emotions are easily triggered by certain sounds. This gives the event manager quite a lot of control over the energy that each guest feels during the event. Audio visual experts will help you use this fully to achieve the desired outcome. This can be through music, audio cues and voice-overs.

Lighting with purpose – Event and stage lighting play a much larger role than most think. Lighting subtly changes your perspective and enhances the desired mood. This helps brands and individuals create atmosphere otherwise lost in boring conference facilities and sparse event venues. AV companies specialise in lighting with purpose, i.e. to change the space into one that reflects the brand’s identity.

Commission a recording of the event – Most established AV companies will be able to record audio or both audio and video of the event. These recordings can be especially useful after the event for promotion, your portfolio or to sell to those who weren’t able to attend.

AV companies do so much more than simply provide sound and lighting equipment for an event. It is with their expertise and skillset that their value truly lies. The smart event coordinator partners with professionals who make their job easier and streamline the event planning process. A good audio visual solution will inevitably lead to a better planning process, a more professional event and smoother operations on the day as well.